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      焦點訊息:忘れてやらない英文版 Never Forget

      Never forget

      Original lyrics by?ZAQ


      Tune by?Yoshioka Daichi

      English lyrics by?AmethystSZ

      It’s OK to blame it all on the weather

      All of the bad feelings that have come to me

      The sun is hiding in the clouds’ feathers

      Pretending not to see

      There goes a crowded shuttle, shaking, swaying

      Here comes a semi-express, just brushing past

      Looking up, I’m searching for feelings

      Inside the grey, cloudy mass

      “Please analyze the author’s emotions”

      So, what’s the correct answer to the question?

      There’s no need for prepared scripts, just tear it into bits

      Everyone’s talking about “youthful spring”

      But I’m not fit for that sort of thing

      However, I clearly understand, the moments that come once in a lifetime

      Will turn out to be the best memories

      These are the things I’ll never ever forget

      Reminiscing again, again till I’m dead

      “There’ve been such and such kind of things”, I’ll think of it, laughing

      Outside the narrow and empty classroom

      The boys are living in their youth in full bloom

      My world has been separated from theirs

      With a cutting line

      Hating myself makes me feel inferior

      Being unique makes me feel superior

      Different feelings clashing with each other

      What’s going on in my mind?

      “I know it, I know it. I feel the same as you do”

      Do you really know what I’m going through?

      You haven’t even figured out my painful self-doubt

      Today someone’s starting a new journey

      But today marks an ending for me

      Just among my hesitant steps, I can hear a voice from the future

      Ringing in my ears, “Go on! Move forward”

      There’s nothing in the world as fate or miracle

      To me, the only thing that’s meaningful

      Is taking the first step ahead, and keep going instead

      I’m too young to be as stubborn as an adult

      I’m too old to be as bright as a child

      Right between, I’m at present in the middle of my life

      Feeling left behind as the strong wind blows

      Desperately, I’m trying to keep close

      Whether it’s the sound of the bells, or the dust collecting in the windowsill

      Or the classroom’s familiar smell

      These are the things I’ll never ever forget

      Reminiscing again, again till I’m dead

      “There’ve been such and such kind of things”, I’ll think of it, laughing





      個人覺得,英文填詞的難點在于選詞,既要貼合歌詞大意,又要符合旋律并且押韻。例如,Verse 1的第1句“It’s OK to blame it all on the weather”和第4句“Pretending not to see”都能夠根據字面意義填詞。第2句我對原句加以修改,以me結尾,與第四句的see押韻。那第一句的weather怎么辦呢?Weather的押韻詞只能想到feather, heather, leather三個,考慮到云彩就像鳥的羽翼,干脆就說”The sun is hiding in the clouds’ feathers“吧。